"Giving Quality to Life"

Long Term Care : Rehabilitation : Ventilator and Respiratory Care : Senior Housing

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Providing quality in long-term care is a true challenge. Needing to do the same in rehabilitation and in the care of ventilator-dependent patients might quite naturally be expected to magnify that challenge.

However, Silvercrest Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation in Queens, New York has harnessed the resources and created the spirit and environment that are needed to excel in all three endeavors. It is, in fact, the synergy that has developed between our three patient care systems that allows us to deliver a level of quality for each that would be hard to achieve for individual services existing on their own. Just as our long term care residents benefit from the presence of a vibrant, on-site sub-acute rehabilitation program, and from the sophisticated medical resources needed to run our award-winning ventilator and respiratory care unit, so the lives of our ventilator patients are enriched by the recreational and pastoral resources of our long term care program.

Silvercrest has chosen to meld three missions into one, and that mission is... "Giving Quality to Life."

Long Term Care

Long term care is a growing need in America, and will continue to grow in importance as the "baby boom" generation ages further. Though acting as home to a resident population whose acuity of illness is well beyond that found in a typical long term care facility, Silvercrest manages to provide a safe, comfortable and nurturing environment in which to live. An ebullient atmosphere, dedication to performance improvement and quality and the facility-wide commitment to "always do what's right" stand behind this success.


Rehabilitation services at Silvercrest comprise a three-fold program, including inpatient subacute care, outpatient therapy and restorative rehabilitation for long term care and ventilator-dependent patients. Physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech-language pathology are all found here, as is a cutting edge program for those with swallowing difficulties, such as stroke patients and those with tracheostomies. Silvercrest rehab experts lecture across the nation on a variety of topics from rehabilitation medicine.

Ventilator Care

Home to the largest chronic ventilator unit in the state of New York, Silvercrest has long set the standard for the care of ventilator-dependent patients. The Silvercrest team was first to establish the practice of weaning the ventilator-dependent in a long term care setting, and today continues to enjoy the highest wean rates in the United States. Those whose medical conditions make wean impossible also benefit from the Silvercrest environment, within which all disciplines work together to maximize quality of life.

Senior Housing

Various forms of "assisted-living" are becoming more and more important to the aging population of our nation. Silvercrest Senior Housing is a new and much-needed facility that stands immediately adjacent to the Silvercrest campus. Within its walls, residents find both comfort and camaraderie, and enjoy all the amenities needed to make their golden years secure and worry-free. The nearness of the Silvercrest facility makes it particularly convenient for senior housing residents to take advantage of the center's outpatient care facilities.